Ungraded Players

Entry to Graded-Limited Sections

Entry to each section other than the Open is limited to players with a grade below a specified cut-off.

Ungraded players can often prove stronger than appropriate for the lowest section. Absence of a grade is not a “zero” grade.

Accordingly, ungraded players are required to supply some tangible evidence of their strength, such as local league results or previous congress results. Links to such results held on websites are helpful in this respect.

Admission to grade-limited sections of those without a current ECF grade is at the discretion of the organisers.

Grading Prizes

Grading prizes are for lower-graded players in each section. For this purpose, players are arranged in bands covering grade-ranges determined by the organisers during the event. To qualify for a grading prize, players need to have a recognised grade. Thus ungraded players are not eligible for grading prizes.

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