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The situation with the Sheffield Congress is that the three parties who do the pre-event tasks (Steve, Brian and Phill), with a combined age of 189, feel unable to countenance running the congress again. Brian and Steve both find the stress of the tasks they perform too much to continue. All three of us have other demands on our time and expect more to arise over the next 12 months. Local clubs have been circulated with this information, inviting others younger than ourselves to step forward to run the congress. Brian and Steve were involved in an earlier series of Sheffield Congresses, back in the 1980s/1990s, so they have done their bit. As yet nobody has come forward, so it’s safe to assume there will be no Sheffield Chess Congress in 2018.

The last Sheffield Chess Congress ran from Friday 23rd June to Sunday 25th June 2017. The prize list is given below.

1-4=Alan MerryBury St. Edmunds4.090.00
1-4=Steven A JonesWidnes4.090.00
1-4=Richard BrittonHackney4.090.00
1-4=Conor MurphyCharlton4.090.00
GP1=Jonah WillowWest Nottingham3.512.00
GP1=Roger de CoverleyBourne End3.512.00
GP2Eric GardinerHull DCA3.024.00
GP3Oliver GrahamWorksop2.524.00
1Patrick D ReidRugby4.5200.00
2Khaled MuflehiStannington4.0100.00
3=Paul EvansLytham3.512.00
3=Julian CastLong Eaton3.512.00
3=Karl PotterSyston3.512.00
3= & GP1=Robert DeanUndercliffe3.524.00
3= & GP1=David W StephensonHull DCA3.524.00
GP2Arthur HibbittBanbury3.024.00
GP3Brendan O’GormanHeywood3.024.00
1-2=Bill O'RourkeHeywood4.0150.00
1-2=Richard DesmedtBarnsley4.0150.00
3=Alan SuttonStannington3.510.00
3=Stephen PrideCambridge3.510.00
3=Shane FrithSheffield3.510.00
3=David TateRavensfield3.510.00
3=Andrew Di-VettaBridgend3.510.00
3=Neal FisherPeterborough3.510.00
GP1Peter CooperEcclesall3.024.00
GP2=Dylan MeyerRolls Royce (Derby)3.04.00
GP2=Alec GriceBeverley3.04.00
GP2=Alexander WilsonBoldmere St. Michaels3.04.00
GP2=Peter HoareEcclesall3.04.00
GP2=Andrew ThompsonBeeston3.04.00
GP2=Paul GelderAlwoodley3.04.00
GP3=Paul DohertyBolton3.08.00
GP3=Steve WithingtonSheffield Nomads3.08.00
GP3=Nathaniel Holroyd-DovetonRotherham3.08.00
1=Con CareyHeywood4.052.00
1=Brendan AshmoreWoodseats4.052.00
1=Roger W WalkerBelper4.052.00
1=Saeed HassaniPhoenix (Sheffield)4.052.00
1=Saurav SunnyRolls Royce (Derby)4.052.00
1=Andrew BeswickChorlton4.052.00
1=Samuel ParryCheddleton & Leek4.052.00
GP1=Neil MilsonLouth3.512.00
GP1=Robert StokesScunthorpe3.512.00
GP2Robert BaconDoncaster Nomads3.524.00
GP3=Sri SriharanYork RI3.512.00
GP3=Michael MullinWoodseats3.512.00
GP4=Michael SimmonsSheffield Deaf2.06.00
GP4=David WhistonSheffield Deaf2.06.00
GP4=Richard David BohmBury St. Edmunds2.06.00
GP4=Hugo SaintHigh Storrs School2.06.00

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